The Rude (Rudy) Recreation Center is a replacement for an aging bunker-like community center, which provides valuable services for the community. Aside from being a gathering place, it also is a host for the Meals on Wheels program, which provides food to scores of children who may not otherwise get a warm meal. The center is located in a City park near some of the less affluent neighborhoods in the city. The City and the Roybal Corporation wanted this to be something the community would be proud of and embrace. Since opening, the building has had little or no tagging, unlike its predecessor, which was a canvas for tagging. The new facility really has become the heart of the neighborhood.

The building form is a unique response to local physical conditions as well as demanding program functions. The site is bordered on one side by an untouchable FEMA floodway. The shape of the building actually reflects this border. Per the facilities programs, the staffing for the facility was quite limited and the facility needed to have as much visual access to all the program spaces as possible. The Gym, Pool, Game Room, and entry all needed to be visible from a single entry point. This was accomplished with the tear-shaped lobby and central receiving desk.