Located in the heart of historic Breckenridge, the Breckenridge Welcome Center establishes an architectural pattern for the City of Breckenridge and its Victorian era main street. At the request of the City, we provided a new structure which is evocative of the city's historic buildings. Using the scale of the historic fabric we included more durable materials. This helps reduce the maintenance while still providing a look the City wanted.

The Roybal Corporation was the architect of record for the building and was also the designer and fabricator of all the exhibits in the interior. This gave us a unique opportunity to include the building as an integral part of the exhibit experience.

During the evaluation of the existing building, a “hidden surprise” was found buried within the walls of the building — an 1880's era cabin! Thus, the building consists of three parts, two parts new and one part old. The front and rear portions of the building are new construction, replacing 1970's period structures.

One of the architectural challenges was to retain and incorporate the existing cabin so it would reflect the town’s historical character and provide an anchor to this, the center of the city. The cabin became the historical centerpiece for the Welcome Center and features exhibits about the booms and busts of Breckenridge, as well as audio with some of the town’s more colorful characters.

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